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We would also like to hear about any short stories, fact or fiction, that you have for your community and may be the entire city to read. If you think you would like to tell us your story go to the My Story page above, fill out the contact form, type in your story and we will contact you shortly. The Venue Bournemouth is a free publication for all to read and stories accepted by our panel are published for free.

(To open The Venue Bournemouth click in an area just right of the e-magazine below.)

Try Advert-tease !

It's free to play, has prizes to win and supports local schools, clubs and charities.

Free to play, just read the clues, find the words in the participating business advert (printed in The Venue Bournemouth above) and fill in the Advert-tease cross word puzzle below. When completed click the "Submit" button and fill in the email contact details so we can inform you if / when you win (all email addresses are deleted after winners are informed). In order to win a prize, the Advert-tease cross word puzzles must have been completed correctly and submitted by the Sunday at end of the third week in the month. Terms and conditions apply.
Good luck!

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